Something owned, bigger, an island. Owning it on the get-go. The name, Changuu, has been taken from a popular fish, taken around the island.

But oh – where are my manners? My name is Jackline and I love traveling and discovering. Welcome on my blog and discover with me, with my l(s)enses, all that Mother Earth has to offer that I get to see.

On a blissful Monday morning, in a sunny Stone town, small capital city of the Zanzibar government, I took place gently on one of the numerous small motor ships on the shores of the Indian Ocean around Stone Town. In a shy, broken English, the owner welcomed us on with a few safety rules and off, we went to what was going to be a crush for years, a tiny-cute island with yet much to offer, and an unique story on its own.

On the way, I swear to God, the water was blue. But as we got closer and closer, as I was lost at the stunning beauty of the small piece of land on water, the water turned into a turquoise kind of green, then maroon, then green. Not green of dirt, but a green of a rare tree found only in a deep forest. A green that only father George Washington lives with on a green dollar bill when he looks at how you irresponsibly give him away, without smiling nor crying. Doesn’t tickle him, poor humans that he gets exchanged from a hand to another. A green that only “la rosée” waters in the morning. Green. Waters.

Greenish Waterside

As much as I could use my senses to hear, see, touch and smell the fresh air, I stood up and stepped away from the small motor boat whose engine was disturbing the serene silence of that lost beauty, and stumbled on a stubborn rock with an outstanding view just beneath it.
Another look, anyoneWelcome to ChanguWalking O Water

Just for the heads up, the Island was acquired by two Arabs and was due to be used as a prison for rebellious slaves. Later on, the first British Prime Minister for Zanzibar, afraid of outbreaks on the island purchased it from the Arabs and installed it as a quarantine for years.

Slaves' Islands

As I got up to discover, over the stone-made stairs, a luxurious guest house looked to have been customized from the quarantine rooms of the two last centuries. The guide took me to the giants tortoises park, aged a hundred years and counting. The tortoises were given by the British governor of Seychelles, from an island to another. Majestic as they sat, one taking ages to move an inch, with a hard-rocky shell on the side, it only took a leaf to be friends with it. It could never mind touching the shell and posing with it. I would bet it even blinked of an eye, in the process.

Discovering TurtlesTake a look at me nowTouching one of the oldest

Could it have been enough, but nothing could stop me from the breathtaking sight seating right atop of a rock that gave, bluntly way, with sharp edges, to the ocean down its side. A good dozen of meters down at least, if anyone would hurry down on the highway to the opposite of heaven. Just in case. Lost in wander of the sharp edge, a selfie worked better, as I couldn’t look down.

Tempestuous but yet serene, mixed emotions I left to the long bridge, just for a few shots before I left. Changuu stands, and will always be a memory, as alive as it is, a crush, a stunning adventure, for years and for generations.Changu 02Changu FinaleFaking to look away - CopyOne More - CopyThe Long Bridge - CopyYes, right there - CopyOn the way back

Stay tuned for the next!

Jacky Jallyn
Memories from Zanzibar, August 2016

Photos: Achille

Author: travelwithjallyn

Discovery. Adventure.

8 thoughts on “Changuu”

  1. This is beautiful!! Makes one miss travelling and taking adventures. The narration is awesome!!! Keep taking us with you through your pictures,opinions and experiences wherever you go 😊😊😊😊,keep up the good work 👌🏾

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi jacky,
    Love yo adventure’s, all moment’s well captured,but the the blog needs to be edited for clarity in some aspects. For example:
    To be sincere some sentences are direct translations from yo mother tongue #kinyarwanda

    The moment u display a picture, below it, readers get eager to know what it’s all about. Introducing yo self should before u start any article.

    U should always start with the history of a place coz it brings some attachment to the reader.

    And also “stay tuned for next” (this just leaves someone in balance) yov also been to many places for instance u can conclude with something like “stay tuned for my next adventure in Bunyonyi safari’s Uganda”.
    Am just a friend trying to help, hope my humble request is put into your kind consideration.


    1. Hi Rondy,
      Thank you for the valuable comment. We will definitely take it into consideration. The wording was kept in lucid English and we have tried to not put direct translations. However for the few next, we will try keep it as clear as possible for the audience.
      We believe we have tried bringing some of the stories of the place into limelight, as much as possible.
      We also try to keep the vibrant suspense of the readers by not disclosing the next place of the article.


  3. My dear Jacky Jallyn…. I am happy for you, this is very smart!!! Turning your passion for traveling into something we can all benefit from!!! I will definitely visit your blog regularly….
    Good luck in this adventurous job you just started…
    P.S :fashion tips on me 😜


  4. Proud of you Jacky. Am glad you are doing what you love and taking all of us with you..keep it have my support.


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